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Allowed Materials


  • Advanced Race Guide
    • Core and Dragon Empires races preferred, other races with permission.
    • Alternate Racial Traits via Racial Subtypes preferred when available

Classes, Archetypes, and Prestige Classes


Equipment and Magic Items


Optional Rules in Play


Because I run from the Pathfinder PDFs, my copies of the rulebooks are always up to date. I recommend those who own hardcopy versions to familiarize themselves with their printing’s errata.

FAQs and Updates

Paizo’s FAQs and Updates contains answers to common questions and corrections for problems that have been reported but not yet included in an official errata.

Hero Lab

All player characters will be maintained in Hero Lab. This information will be used to generate an online stat block for every character, which will be updated after each session. The online stat block is the definitive stat block for a character.

Support Files


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