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Varisia was long ago the domain of the empire of Thassilon. All that remains of it today are the ancient monuments that dot the Varisia landscape.

Between the end of Thassilon and arrival of Cheliax in the early 4400s, Varisia was inhabited mostly by the Shoanti and the Varisians, the latter of whom give their name to the region. The Chelaxians mostly left the Varisians alone, but the proud Shoanti would not allow their sacred lands to be usurped.

The city of Korvosa was established in 4407 on a site scared to the Shoanti. Over the next one hundred years, the Shoanti ought frequently with the Chelaxians, even going so far as to raze Korvosa. In 4507, the Korvosan army finally succeeded in pushing the Shoanti out of southern Varisia into the Cinderlands. Varisia would remain relevatively quiet until the Age of Enthronement ended in 4606 with the death of Aroden.

The death of Aroden threw Cheliax into turmoil, and many of Cheliax’s colonial holdings slipped from its grasp. There was disagreement in Korvosa over whether to remain loyal, eventually resulting in the foundation of Magnimar in 4608. Relations between Korvosa and Magnimar are cool at best.

Korvosa successfully lured the Hellknight Order of the Nail to Varisia in 4682 in an attempt to intimidate Magnimar, but the Hellknights refused because they saw no lawlessness in Magnimar’s actions. They now patrol southern Varisia, enforcing the law and making sure that Shoanti rebellions gain no traction.



Pzo9002 magnimar

After the death of Aroden in 4606, Cheliax was thrown into turmoil. There was disagreement in Korvosa over whether to remain loyal, and those who dissented left to found Magnimar in 4608. Magnimar is known as the “City of Monuments” due to the large number of monuments (both ancient and recent) within its limits.

Like Korvosa, Magnimar is major trade city. The lack of import duties and taxes draws traders from all over Golarion. Magnimar has also attempted to branch out beyond just the trades, establishing a museum and several houses of the arts.

Magnimar is governed by the Council of Ushers, with a Lord-Mayor charged to carry out its will. There is also a Varisian Council that operates unofficially and works with the city government to ensure that the interests of the Varisian population are represented and respected.

Magnimar is known for its monuments, many of which offer a boon to those who make the right offering.

Places of Interest

Churches and Monastaries

  • Cathedral of Abadar [Naos] (bank, moneylender, shrine [Abadar])
  • Church of Pharasma [Keystone] (shrine [Pharasma])
  • Cynosure Tower [Keystone] (shrine [Desna])
  • Deadeye Lodge [Keystone] (shrine [Erastil])
  • Dome of the Savored String [Keystone] (prostitutes, acts of retribution, shrine [Calistria])
  • School of the Four Winds [Capital District] (monastery [natural world])
  • Shrine of Sarenrae [Underbridge]
  • Temple of Iomedae [Naos] (shrine [Iomedae])


  • Founder’s Archive [Capital District] (library)
  • The Gull [Underbridge] (orphanage, workhouse)
  • Museum of Ages [Capital District] (museum)
  • Ravenfoot Corner [Beacon’s Point] (school [alchemists, apothecaries])
  • Stone of the Seers [Keystone] (magic school [abjuration, divination])


  • Aquaretum [Keystone] (fish)
  • Brothels [Beacon’s Point, Lowcleft, Underbridge]
  • The Courtesan and Unicorn [Lowcleft] (harrow readings, prostitutes)
  • Entertainment [Lowcleft]
  • Gambling dens [Underbridge]
  • Gilded Cage [Lowcleft] (gambling, prostitutes, drugs)
  • House of Welcome [Naos] (prostitutes)
  • Lord-Mayor’s Menagerie [Capital District] (animals, trophies)
  • Osprey Club [Alabaster District] (invitation only)
  • Playhouses [Lowcleft]
  • Rag and Garter [Naos] (food, ‘slumming’)
  • Rose and Rake [Ordellia] (plays, meeting hall)
  • Serpent’s Run [Alabaster District] (races, battles, exhibitions)
  • The Shucked Oyster [Dockway] (gigolos, prostitutes)
  • Triodea [Naos] (operas, plays, concerts)


  • Arvensoar [Naos] (guards, soldiers, transit between the Shore and the Summit)
  • Bastion of the Nail [Naos] (hellknights)
  • Embassy Building [Ordellia]
  • Fort Indros [Alabaster District] (soldiers)
  • House of Lords [Alabaster District] (noble representatives)
  • Pediment Building [Capital District] (court, executive offices)
    • The Hells [Capital District] (prison)
  • Usher’s Hall [Capital District] (legislature)
  • Varisian Council [Keystone]


  • Blue Bunyip [Naos] (alcohol, inn stay [good])
  • Inns [Dockway, Lowcleft] (inn stay [common, good])
  • Inns [Underbridge] (inn stay [poor])
  • The Old Fang [Dockway] (alcohol, inn stay [common])


  • Artisans [Capital District]
  • Bazaar of Sails [Dockway]
  • Billivin’s Benevolent Balms and Effulgent Elixirs [Ordellia] (potions)
  • Boria’s [Naos] (wines)
  • The Harpy [Underbridge] (sculptor)
  • Hook and Hammer [Dockway] (trading)
  • Impound Yard [Dockway] (ships)
  • Pug’s Contraptions [Ordellia] (toys, gadgets)
  • Shops [Naos]
  • Skavner’s Fine Tomes [Ordellia] (books, printing)
  • Traders [Beacon’s Point, Dockway]
  • Wemmy’s Fine Canines [Ordellia] (racing dogs)


  • The Battle of Charda [Beacon’s Point]
  • The Celwynvian Charge [Lowcleft]
  • Cenotaph [Capital District]
  • Eyes of the Hawk [Dockway]
  • The Fifth Wind [Dockway]
  • Founder’s Flame [Naos]
  • Founder’s Honor [Keystone]
  • The Guardians [Naos]
  • Indros cul Vydrarch [Capital District]
  • Our Lady of Blessed Waters [Keystone]
  • Mapstone Monument [Lowcleft]
  • Mistress of Angels [Ordellia]

Raw Goods

  • The Fancy Reefclaw [Lowcleft] (alcohol)
  • Lumber mills [Ordellia] (lumber)
  • Tanneries [Ordellia] (leather)
  • Traders [Beacon’s Point, Dockway]
  • Workshops [Ordellia]


  • Bronze House [Dockway] (Aspis Consortium HQ)
  • The Dreaming Dryad [Lowcleft] (drugs)
  • Golemworks [Capital District] (constructs)
  • Heidmarch Manor [Alabaster District] (Pathfinder lodge)
  • Washer’s Row [Beacon’s Point] (laundering, bleaching, dying)


  • Basilisk’s Eye [Dockway] (alcohol)
  • Captain’s Club [Dockway] (ship captains only)
  • Feirge’s Shack [Beacon’s Point] (alcohol)
  • The Fish Tank [Lowcleft] (easy to digest food, alcohol)
  • Friendly Merchant [Underbridge] (alcohol)
  • The Left-Handed Lobster [Beacon’s Point] (members only)
  • Matador’s Lodge [Lowcleft] (alcohol, food, bloodsport)
  • No-Horn [Dockway] (cheap food, cheap alochol)
  • The Pig [Beacon’s Point] (alcohol, brineskin curls)
  • Restaurants [Naos]
  • Sock and Buskin [Naos] (alcohol)
  • Taverns [Beacon’s Point, Dockway, Lowcleft]
  • Whale’s Belley [Beacon’s Point] (alcohol)

Stat Block

Autocracy (lord mayor)
N Large city


Corruption +2, Crime +2, Economy +5, Law +2, Lore +6, Society +1
Danger +10

Qualities academic, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, tourist attraction


Population 16,428 (13,307 humans; 821 halflings; 659 dwarves; 655 elves; 493 gnomes; 166 half-elves; 164 half-orcs; 163 other)
Notable NPCs Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras


Base Value 12,800 gp; Purchase Limit 75,000 gp
Spell Casting 8th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4



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