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Church of Pharasma


Pharasma is responsible for the fate of all mortal souls. Her mortal representatives on Golarion oversee the natural cycle of souls, overseeing them at birth and ensuring that they are paid their proper respects in death. They also oversee and protect graveyards from depredation, and some even venture forth proactively to destroy undead.

Goal: Maintain the Natural Cycles

Life flows in natural cycles, from birth through death. Pharasma knows the fate of every soul, but she refrains from judging it until its very last moment because she knows that prophecies can be unreliable. Her priests oversee the cycle of life and put it right when undeath perverts it.

Alignment: N

When something happens, it must have been meant to happen. The Church of Pharasma prefers neutrality, rarely involving itself in the affairs of outsiders. Members often work with all sides of a conflict, for their primary concerns are the proper treatment of the dead and the newborn.


The church is organized like a large, matriarchal family. Larger churches tend to have more influence than smaller churches. Rank in the priesthood is typically tied to time of service.


Membership is open to anyone.

Gaining Prestige

Time spent maintaining and protecting the natural cycle of life gains respect in the church as does the destruction of undead.


Members of the Church of Pharasma have access to the following resources in addition to the standard ones. See pages 42 and 43 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Faction Guide for the full details of these resources.

  • 5 Fame, variable Prestige: Purchase a magical service from the following list: speak with dead (1 Prestige), augury (1 Prestige).
  • 10 Fame, 1+ Prestige: Inspire other members of the faith with great zeal.
  • 15 Fame: Spend Prestige to to influence, bargain with, or reward outsiders serving Pharasma.
  • 20 Fame, 1 Prestige: Gain a +6 bonus on one skill check directly related to Pharasma’s interests.
  • 30 Fame, variable Prestige: Receive the benefit of a helpful spell while acting in Pharasma’s interests.



Ninth Battalion

The Ninth Battalion is a dwarven military organization comprised of dwarves whose clans were nearly but not completely wiped out. The Battalion seeks to protect their kin from any of the innumerable threats to dwarvenkind’s existence.

Varisian Operations

The Ninth Battalion in Varisia is based out of Fort Rannick. The Battalion is currently preparing for an operation against the giants in the Storval Plateau.



Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder society

The Pathfinder Society was founded over 400 years ago in Absalom by a group of adventurers. The Society provides a forum through which adventurers can share their tales and receive support for their expeditions. Members of the Pathfinder Society are known as Pathfinders.

Society Structure

Those the Society accepts into its ranks begin their careers as Initiates. Initiates spend most of their time studying and training at the Grand Lodge in Absalom. Once they are deemed ready, they are given a test that also serves as their first mission. Those that successfully complete this test become field operatives.

Field operatives (also known as a Pathfinder) handle the actual tasks of documenting and exploring ancient history. How to approach this task differs from Pathfinder to Pathfinder. Some Pathfinders sequester themselves in ancient libraries, hoping to uncover heretofore unnoticed secrets in the ancient texts; others delve into ancient tombs and dungeons, digging up secrets almost literally; and some simply liberate ancient artifacts from otherwise unsuitable owners. Whatever their methods, all Pathfinders strive to have their findings included in the Pathfinder Chronicles, a irregularly published serialization of notable Pathfinders and their adventures.

Venture-captains are assigned a region where they are in charge of managing the Society’s interests and guiding Pathfinders with mission assignments. Only the most notable Pathfinders become venture-captains, and the process requires unanimous approval by the Decemvirate.

The Decemvirate is council of ten Pathfinders who serve as the Society’s leadership. Their identities are unknown, concealed out of necessity after a coup attempt ~300 years ago. Most Pathfinders do not interact with the Decemvirate directly, instead learning of its wishes through Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin of the Grand Lodge in Absalom.

Pathfinder Duties

The Society places no formal expectations on Pathfinders. Informally, Pathfinders are expected to explore to increase the Society’s wealth of knowledge, report on their findings back to their regional superiors, and to generally refrain from interfering with the claims of other Pathfinders (though tales of suspicious ‘accidents’ are not unknown). However, conflict between Pathfinders is expressly forbidden while they are on lodge grounds (whether the Grand Lodge in Absalom or one of the regional lodges around the Inner Sea).

Pathfinder Society Standings



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